Scheduling a clean & check on your air conditioning unit can help catch possible break downs before they happen.

An EPA certified and trained technician cleans the condensing unit coils by hosing them off and using a special cleaner on them. Next, he will check the amp draw of the compressor. Improper pulling of amps is a sign of an inefficient compressor, or your compressor may be going out.  At this point if he feels there is an issue, he will inform you of his findings. Once he continues, he will check the fan motor as well as the capacitor and if needed, oil the motor. System pressures and temperatures are monitored to the manufacturer’s specifications. One of the most important item to check is the refrigerant level.  A system that is 10% low will cost you more to operate. Once these items have been checked, he will go inside and check the blower and its components, adjust belts if needed, and change your 1-inch disposable filter.  Finally, the technician will monitor the thermostat to ensure the temperatures are accurate.  Even the most reliable system needs routine maintenance, and the complicated equipment of today will benefit in many ways from this annual maintenance.  King Air Conditioning and Heating offers special pricing for yearly maintenance agreements that boasts a 20% discount on repairs if needed!