We give them love, the best pest protection, and spend lots of money on toys, treats, and their special needs; not to mention their food!

In return, we receive unconditional love, protection, and (some believe) healing. That said; we need to briefly glimpse into their world, see through their eyes.

That HVAC technician who comes to service your furnace or air conditioner? He possess a strange and unfamiliar odor. His voice and mannerisms are un-recognizable. He is scary!

Please be mindful of your pet when strangers “invade” their territory, and be courteous to the human entering your pet’s domain. Your Fido or kitty need to be put up within a familiar area out of the intruder’s way, while this unfamiliar guest is storming their home. This is not only for their protection but for the HVAC technician as well. No on wants to fight litigation because their faithful Fido bit the unsuspecting service man, or you find your lovable lap kitty wandering the streets because he “snuck” out the door!